The only NERC/CIP solution also approved for the U.S. government’s top security facilities.

Active-activu Disaster recovery & remote location backup.

Isolate SCADA from the network while viewing with networked resources.

Much more than a digital mapboard or a wall of tiled video monitors.

A Reliable Common Operating Picture & Collaboration for Utilities


For more than 20 years, Activu has been refining visual collaboration systems for the highest-security military and institutional uses.

Activu visability is fully NERC-CIP compliant, while also being the only visual collaboration software approved for use in the U.S. government’s top security facilities.


Activu’s patented, fully redundant software and hardware architecture option can assure instantaneous failover and mirroring for uninterrupted control operations.

Capable of instant switchover to other facilities and locations, Activu visability is the standard for any 24/7 critical operation.


Leaving mapboards far behind, Activu visability is the most flexible way to monitor, share, and collaborate around critical visual information.

SCADA can fill screens and workstations, or isolate a segment, to combine with other critical information like documents, monitoring applications, workstation screen shares, and more.


Activu visability is the only Event-Driven Visual Intelligence control room solution available anywhere. This unique ability, powered by Activu Link, enables visability to integrate with the tools that monitor critical operations, actively sort and surface the most critical incidents, and actively alerting key personnel with a relevant common operating picture using any related sources from SCADA, to realtime video, to weather applications, and more.

Activu Link integrates with OSIsoft PI, enabling Event-Driven Visual Intelligence for utility control room operations.

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