Providing Situational Awareness and Enabling Information Sharing in a Secure Environment

With a need to gather information from far-reaching areas, Activu’s scalable, network based visualization and collaboration software provides public sector agencies and organizations with proven solutions for command centers, allowing collaboration across multiple locations and with mobile personnel in the field, ensuring situational awareness and securely sharing mission-critical information when and where it is needed.

Providing Visualization and Collaboration Solutions Tailored to the Operational Needs of Land, Sea and Air

Access to real-time, mission-critical information is imperative to obtaining situational awareness and mitigating risk. Activu’s certified and accredited visualization and collaboration software, running on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment, ensures easy maintainability while allowing the military to use existing personnel and processes to easily support the system.

Helping Maintain Security, Ensure Business Continuity and Monitor Assets

Airport security, operations and emergency personnel need to operate in tandem to ensure uninterrupted operations while protecting critical assets. Activu’s scalable, network based visualization and collaboration software helps airports manage information across the organization, on any device to enhance operations.

Helping Monitor Assets and Prevent Transit Delays

Activu’s scalable, network-based visualization and collaboration software allows transit centers access to the information they need, when and where they need it, in order to to monitor assets, anticipate delays and divert equipment to alternate routes.

Helping Monitor Roadways and Manage Incidents

Camera feeds, mapping applications, weather information systems and other ITS technology create large amounts of visual data requiring operators to quickly review traffic incidents and other emergencies. Activu’s scalable, network based visualization and collaboration software provides situational awareness within and beyond the control room, allowing traffic management centers to monitor roadways and manage traffic incidents.

Assisting with Emergency Preparedness and Providing Situational Awareness

When critical events demand a quick response, Activu’s scalable, network based visualization software delivers the right information, where and when it is needed so organizations can achieve optimal situational awareness resulting in improved decision-making and incident response.

Helping Improve Operations while Monitoring and Managing Production, Distribution, Assets and Infrastructure

Activu’s scalable, network based visualization and collaboration software provides energy and utility companies with a distributed information system that helps them maintain situational awareness by visualizing key performance indicators and providing real-time data for fast and accurate evaluation and response.

Solutions that Help Monitor the Health of a Business and Optimize Performance

For management-level executives, information is critical to gain a clear operational picture and manage its resources. Used in collaborative conference rooms and network operating centers (NOCs), Activu’s intelligent visualization and collaboration software allows business leaders to gain a complete view of their organization and make faster, more informed decisions by gathering critical visual information where and when it is needed.

Solutions that Enhance Security by Assisting with the Monitoring of Critical Assets and Networks

Network and data security are critical. Activu’s intelligent visualization and collaboration software delivers the information decision makers in military, public and private sector organizations need to monitor their networks and ensure security.

Solutions that Keep Customers Cyber Secure

Activu’s control room visualization systems are designed to work within existing network and infrastructure to help customers obtain their operational goals while mitigating any cyber risks.

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We use Activu to seamlessly share data across multiple agencies. This has given us the greatest flexibility for collaboration and increased situational awareness to handle events quickly.