Support is Integral to the Activu Process

Activu Customers choose from several levels of ongoing support after their control room installation has completed.

Multi-year terms & coverage include software upgrades for vis/ability Enterprise, annual system checks & tune-ups, user & administrator training, and 24/7 phone & portal support.

All standard Activu system contracts include Bronze or Silver level support for the first year of operation*. Customers may opt to upgrade to Gold or Platinum levels at an additional charge. All support programs can be customized for customer requirements, such as adding emergency on-site visits or additional preventive visits to the existing support. 24/7 phone support is standard for Gold and Platinum programs.

Unlimited Phone Support
(8:30 AM – 5:30 PM ET)
Activu Services Online Support
Logistical Support for Repairs
1st Year Hardware Warranty
Software Revisions
Software Upgrades
Scheduled On-site Support**Includes 1Includes 1
Emergency On-site Support**Up to 2
Unlimited 24/7 Phone Support
Extended Hardware Warranty**

* Starting at the date of Substantial Completion, operational usage or the System Acceptance Test (SAT)

** Additional details apply.