VMS systems provide essential capabilities to view, control, record and manage a large population of cameras. While some VMS systems have additional capabilities, like video analytics or license plate recognition, Activu vis|ability is not a replacement for traditional VMS platforms used for these purposes. However, when organizations need to view and share cameras controlled by multiple VMS systems, and/or add other critical information sources to build a common operating picture, vis|ability seamlessly brings these disparate systems together into one collaborative and sharable view.

Often, different brands and generations of technology become mixed in operations challenged by constant growth and varying project constraints. Activu vis|ability simplifies this complexity by integrating with popular-brand cameras on the network as it would any other source, allowing users to effortlessly place realtime video from different VMS platforms together on video walls, displays, and desktops.

For any subset of IP cameras that may sit outside the control of the VMS system, users can control PTZ functions and recall stored position presets directly in vis|ability, for cameras that conform to OnVIF profile S standards. Combined with vis|ability Spaces, a feature that facilitates seamless team collaboration—and groundbreaking Link functionality that automates alerting and proactive visualization across teams, displays, and video walls—video streaming is effectively upgraded in utility, function, and portability, for unrivaled situational awareness, within Activu vis|ability.