Control room operations rely on efficient and accurate assimilation of information to produce timely, decisive action. More and more data sources are available in the control room, leaving decision-makers with the daunting task of sifting through increasing amounts of information. In order to help our customers quickly identify the information they need to efficiently run their operations, Activu integrates with third-party software to provide event-driven visualization. When an event meets certain parameters, visual information concerning the triggering event is automatically displayed, enabling faster and better decision-making.


Event Driven Visualization Improves Incident Response

ActivLink® is middle-ware that integrates ActivWare™, Activu’s visualization and collaboration software platform, with a customer’s analytical or monitoring software to automatically present actionable information based on a triggering event or alarm condition, leading to better, faster incident response. For example, intrusion detection results in the immediate display of relevant camera feeds, mapping and other event-critical data on the video wall or operator desktop.

ActivLink provides the tools to program what information is displayed and where, in response to a specific, triggering event. Triggering software could be a video management system such as Genetec’s Security Center or OSIsoft’s real-time data and event monitoring PI system.


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