An ever-increasing number of vehicles on roads have brought increased challenges, in the form of congestion and incidents, to traffic management centers. More than a video wall system, Activu’s scalable, network based visualization solutions provide situational awareness and collaboration to help traffic management centers (TMCs) mitigate transportation challenges, maximize resources and optimize operations by providing the right information where and when it is needed.


Leveraging Existing Networks to Enhance Operations

ActivWare™, Activu’s visualization and collaboration software platform, harnesses the power of the network to securely provide access to mission critical data. Our highly encrypted IP network-based systems integrate seamlessly with existing networks, safely enabling the easy distribution and visualization of information Operational information can be shared across the network, regardless of the location, and securely displayed on any type of screen, from a display wall or workstation to a laptop or mobile device so TMCs can effectively share critical information, anticipate problems due to congestion and plan appropriately to minimize issues and delays.


The Power of Activu Extended into the Field: Mobility

Activu Mobility allows users to connect wirelessly and securely from the field, using their smartphone or tablet. Field personnel can capture and instantly send photos and video from their Android or iOS smartphones or tablets back to the control room or elsewhere, for display, analysis and archiving and also remotely view control room visualization using mobile devices. As a result, operators and decision makers inside and outside of the control room can gain the same level of situational awareness.


Easy Integration with Existing Investments and Current Infrastructure

Activu’s solution integrates with other mission-critical systems that TMCs use. By working to integrate with cameras, mapping applications, weather information systems and other ITS technology, Activu helps control room staff to optimize operations access real-time visual data for fast and accurate evaluation and response.


Activu’s Traffic Management Customers

Here are some of Activu’s traffic management customers:

  • Departments of Transportation
    • Alabama
    • Delaware
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Marietta, GA
    • Montgomery County, MD
    • New York State
    • North Carolina
  • Traffic Management Centers
    • Arlington, TX
    • Baltimore, MD
    • Fort McHenrey Tunnel, MD
    • Hudson Valley, NY
    • Johnson City, TN
    • Nassau County, NY
    • New Jersey
    • Prince George’s County, MD
    • Toronto, ON


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“Activu has provided TMC operators with a dynamic and flexible tool that helps them detect and assist in the handling of incidents in a more efficient manner. ~Baltimore Traffic Management Center”

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