Design, Integration, Advisory & Support Services

Activu provides a full suite of professional services that support customers and partners in the effective implementation and application of our solutions through the full life cycle of system ownership – from initial planning and design consultation, to seamless implementation, integration, training and support.

  • Range of professional services from design and integration to advisory and support services
  • Customized training available to meet specific operational needs
  • Accredited professionals from a company with over 30 years of visualization experience
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  • Offering consultation and design services that result in solutions that perfectly meet customers’ operational objectives
  • Integrate leading brand audio-visual, computing and networking technologies into designs
  • Provide specialized Design Services to consulting, architectural and engineering firms and to end user customers
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  • Project Planning and Management
  • Factory Build and Testing
  • System Installation
  • System Integration
  • Training and Client Acceptance
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  • Bridging the gap between operational workflow and technology
  • A holistic approach to enhancing operations
  • Achieve operational objectives by embracing advanced collaborative visualization technologies to transform how workflow and critical situations are handled
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  • Direct support from the manufacturer
  • Tiered levels of support providing customers with choice
  • Phone, online, remote and on-site support
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