Critical situations can develop anytime, anywhere. Whether decision makers are in the control room or remotely located, Activu Command Center Mobility allows stakeholders to connect wirelessly and securely using their smartphone or tablet. Remotely located personnel are able to gain the same level of situational awareness as their colleagues in the control room. Activu Mobility also allows those in the field to participate in mission-critical information gathering, decision-making and response.


Extending the Power of Activu’s Software into the Field

Field personnel can capture and instantly send photos and video from their Android or iOS smartphones or tablets back to the control room or elsewhere, for display, analysis and archiving. Control room content can also be remotely viewed in the field using an Android, iOS or Windows® mobile device.

Mobile users become sources of real-time information. Information captured on mobile devices can be tagged with GPS coordinates, date, time and user ID. Geocoding enables photos and videos to be automatically displayed in the correct location on an area map. Content can be viewed, zoomed and scrolled through on a smartphone or tablet screen. A smartphone or tablet can also be used to control information displayed on the control room video wall, in the briefing room or in the field.


A Secure Approach to Mobile Visualization

Activu Command Center Mobility uses the highest standards of security for mobile communications. Information is controlled under a permission structure that allows information to be securely shared to the appropriate personnel and devices. Recognizing that mobile devices can sometimes be lost or stolen, our application ensures that nothing is stored on the device whether it is the user interface, control functionality or remotely viewed information.

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