ActivShare® is a new way to quickly and intuitively collaborate and share information with one or more network-connected users, and even to one or more large scale video walls, using any application or content found on your desktop, and all with just a “three clicks of the mouse.”

Every User, Every Desktop

Once installed and running on a user’s desktop, ActivShare works in the background to enable fluid and powerful visual sharing and collaboration.

ActivShare tracks every application window on the desktop, providing access to ActivShare through a menu button placed conveniently on the title bar of the active application.

To send an application window to someone else, simply click on the ActivShare “a”, select who you want to share with (one or more people or video walls), type in an optional note to accompany the window, and click share!

Each destination user is asked permission, and if they accept, a live copy of the application is streamed to their desktop.  That’s it.  Windows can hold any content type – data, motion graphics, video, or a combination of all of it – ActivShare captures and intelligently encodes the content to ensure visual performance; using either Activu’s proprietary lossless encoding for data-oriented graphics, or using H.264 streaming when the content is video oriented.

Each window being shared can be independently sized and positioned by each participant, just like a regular application window.  Control of window content is available to all participants that have permission, to allow collaborative management of the content.


Collaboration Made Simple

ActivShare provides robust tools for collaboration in real time with integrated multiuser chat and whiteboard.  Chat sessions can be between multiple participants, or private discussions, and with whiteboard, it is possible for all users to annotate over live content, each with his unique color. Multiple shapes, free hand drawing, and text are possible to be placed over live content, without affecting the underlying applications.  Flexibility to move and resize applications is maintained, even when using whiteboard.  Once complete, it is possible to save a snapshot of a whiteboard session, annotations and content, to allow for further review if needed.


Control Rooms, Meeting Rooms, User to User

Each window on your desktop can be delivered to a different set of collaborators, if you choose, even the whole desktop can be shared, where multiple content sources can be shared just as simply as a single application.  With ActivShare, it is possible to share independent information with multiple people, simultaneously.  Each window on your desktop can be shared with different people, groups of people, and video walls.   Shared content is live, and if given permission through Activu’s comprehensive permissions management, every user can control shared application content through network KVM built into ActivShare.  Even live video can be shared in real time.


“Maintain Situational Awareness with ActivWare, and ActivShare”

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