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vis|ability Desktop is the platform's graphic user interface application for PCs and workstations.

vis|ability on the Desktop

vis|ability's graphic user interface is refined and powerful

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Flawless operations and optimal situational awareness are the goals of all organizations, regardless of their mission: network operations, security operations, public safety, traffic management, utility monitoring, & military command, among many others.

To achieve complete situational awareness, critical decision-makers require efficient access to information, simplified communications tools, and an ability to understand and disseminate complex information quickly.

vis|ability's powerful new interface elegantly solves these challenges.

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User-Centered Design

vis|ability provides intuitive access to sources available on the network. vis|ability places the complete information environment directly into the hands of those who need it most, and makes critical content easily accessible and sharable.

With vis|ability, teams see, share, and respond quickly and efficiently, achieving optimal situational awareness, so operations perform at their best.

Collaboration, Built In

For information to be useful, it must it be accessible, sharable, and assimilated. Designed specifically for control room environments, vis|ability allows users to easily share and collaborate across the organization, regardless of where participants happen to be.

Place information sources onto one or more video walls, share directly from the desktop any application or screen, or place content into a Space to provide instant sharing to any user with access to that Space, including on mobile devices.

Information, Accessible & Organized

vis|ability allows users to organize information assets in a single place, easily accessible, and completely searchable. Nearly any source of information can be incorporated: web content, network cameras, streaming desktop content, documents, presentations, & applications can be defined and placed in the vis|ability Source tree, shared among users, and are immediately accessible from any desktop.

Best Video Wall Control in the Industry

With 30 years of control room experience, Activu delivers the most intuitive and flexible video wall management on the market today. Easily place and organize any information source to deliver the exact information mix for the operational environment. Dynamically place content, save content organization in layouts; or use templates, ensuring consistenly structured placement of critical information where it is needed most.

vis|ability Desktop Technical Requirements



Concurrent Licensing, Per Named User
Windows® 10 x64 Pro, Windows® Server 2012, Windows® Server 2016
Intel® i5 5th generation or equivalent
Intel® i7 8th generation or higher
Intel® Integrated graphics 6th generation
AMD® WX7100 or Nvidia® discrete graphics card

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