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Spaces are virtualized, realtime, persistent visual containers that can be displayed anywhere, shared, discussed, manually added to, & annotated.

Spaces: Virtual Video Walls for Team Collaboration Anywhere

Virtualized, realtime, persistent visual containers that can be displayed anywhere, shared, discussed, manually added to, & annotated.

Any Information Source

Users can create Spaces to contain any information Source defined in the vis|ability platform. Arranging related information, such as for a project, briefing, or related to a specific incident—a Space can contain any amount of information in multiple independent windows, each of which can be moved, scaled and stacked within the Space's virtual display area.

Any Destination

Spaces can be viewed on any destination display in the vis|ability Platform, whether a video wall, user desktop, or mobile device.

Spaces are particularly useful for organizations working remotely, using vis|ability in the Cloud. Collaborators can view, annotate, chat, and VOIP securely with their teams in workspaces, at home, and anywhere with internet access.

Shared & Collaborative

Spaces are saved in the Workspace Hub, and available for any user authorized by the Space's creator. For example, a Space can be made available for specific users, or users in a particular group, and can be modified as operational needs dictate. A creator can mark a public Space as read-only; meaning only the creator can make changes to that Space.

All instances of a Space are synchronized across all viewers--and changes are automatically reflected to each user or endpoint.

Activu vis|ability Spaces Tour

Space window

A place to share and collaborate with visual content, in context.


Other users of the vis|ability system.


Unlimited virtual containers for collaborating with vis|ability Sources.


Any large display used for the visual presentation of information, connected to the vis|ability platform, from a single panel to a video wall


Visual content available in the vis|ability Platform. Includes web pages, applications, graphics, media files, screen captures, widgets, IP cameras, cable channels and live streamed video from a vis|ability mobile app.


Mapping of sources to audio zones and control of audio systems connected to the vis|ability platform.


The Link configurator and Actions Panel, and any other plugins or add-ons to the vis|ability Platform.


Frequently accessed People, Spaces, Displays, & Sources.


Incident, user, content and system status alerts.

Source List

All the content available to a user in the vis|ability Platform.


Easily share this Space with Displays and other Users, with Chat.


Whiteboard in this Space, in realtime, with other Users in vis|ability.


Overlay a custom frame, and snap content to it.


Cleanup content in this Space, in relation to each other.


Automatically distribute content equally in this Space.


Remove everything from this Space in one click.


Save a still snapshot image of this Space as it looks at this moment.


Controls scaling of content within any source window.


A visual indicator of this Space's area, view magnification, and view position.


A list of the visual content loaded into this Space.

Using Spaces

Sharing & collaborating in mission-critical operations and across the enterprise is now seamless, instant, and easy. Vis|ability spaces keep the entire team, breakout group, management team, and organization in sync, transparently.

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