Configured specifically to a customer’s operational environment, Activu Link for Splunk filters the most important live incident data, and seamlessly displays the correlated incident content wherever it’s needed.
Activusers configure Link to identify Splunk incidents by category, severity, type, originator, age, content, or other factors. Related incident content–like dashboards, websites, streaming content, and more–are specified by the Activuser and managed within vis/ability as Sources. Alternately, Source content captured in a database, spreadsheet, comma-delimited file, or part of a custom incident table element can be provided to Activu as a lookup table, for access by our integration team.
Management for the display of incidents and their related Source content–such as where they should appear, at what size, labeling, borders, and more–are defined within the Activu Link configuration tool.
As a result, Link automatically makes the selected incidents more visible throughout an organization by directing the defined content to shared Displays, virtual displays in vis/ability, called Spaces, and directly to users on Desktop and Mobile devices.