Control Room Design


Manage critical functions & services on video walls and other large displays, multiple operator workstations, & breakout rooms.

Control Room Design

For Transportation, Utilities, Corporate / I.T. / SEIM, Government, & Public Safety.


Activu Professional Control Room Designs help optimize team performance & monitor the health of operations

Activu has designed and installed over 1,000 control room video walls driven by Activu software over the past 20 years.

For critical operations professionals and management, efficiently-designed environments are crucial to gain a clear operational picture and manage the resources and essential services of a control room.

Control Rooms

Network Operations Centers (NOCs)

Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

Collaborative Breakout Rooms

Activu’s control room solutions allow operators and leaders to gather critical visual information and people where and when they are needed—gaining a complete view of their mission and organization for make faster, more informed decisions.



Great partnerships are built on collective strengths that come together for a common purpose. For over thirty years, Activu has been committed to developing sustaining relationships with strategic partners: from consultants, architects and design and engineering firms to complimentary technology and solution providers, to the benefit of our mutual clients.


Console/Technology Manufacturers

Architectural Firms

Control Room Designers

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