video and content collaboration software from activu

Sharing a common operating picture is necessary to ensure continuous communications across the organization while monitoring and managing critical assets and resources. As the first company to introduce collaborative technology into mission-critical environments, Activu’s software-based approach, which provides dynamic collaboration beyond the control room, has been proven in mission critical deployments.


Fostering Collaboration for Geographically Dispersed Teams

TeamShare, Activu’s peer-to-peer and site-to-site information sharing and real-time collaboration software, provides collaborative tools such as white boarding, instant messaging and integration with Microsoft® Lync, allowing organizations to share information, improve teamwork and facilitate informed decision-making. Using a permission structure to allocate shareable resources to specific locations and mobile users, TeamShare creates a virtual, dynamic, shared workspace that can be viewed on any type of display. Users are provided with a common set of tools to share information and ideas, engage in discussions and make optimal collaborative decisions wherever they are located. Activu also offeres Visualization and Collaboration, Command & Control, Information Display and Multi monitor software.


Two Modes of Operation

TeamShare offers two modes of collaboration, teamwork and presentation, to allow flexibility in the manner of collaboration. In Teamwork mode participants can share in content presentation and control with full rights management. Presentation mode gives control to the owner/creator of the TeamShare session. Other participants are placed in view-only mode.

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