Record and review control room video and content

The ability to perfectly record and review the visualization and sound in a control room, from the video wall controller to operator desktops and conversations, allows for effective incident analysis, after-action review and simulation command center training.


Comprehensive Audio and Video Recording, Editing and Playback

Recording can be continuous (24/7), scheduled, manual or event driven by third-party applications responding to alarm conditions or incidents. Recordings are highly-encrypted and tamper proof. Activu’s Analysis Point module allows users to search, tag, annotate and distribute recordings in whole or part for remote viewing.


Cost-Effective and Efficient Recording Functionality

Unlike traditional video recording methods, Activu Record & Review only records changing visual information. For typical screen content, recording is extremely efficient and without the resolution limits of other methods, in addition to being completely lossless and free of compression artifacts. Activu’s extreme recording efficiency can result in significantly reduced storage requirements and cost savings.

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