Control room operations, regardless of vertical market or application, are supported by a vast computing infrastructure that manages critical business functions: supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), real time information presentation and archiving, management of business processes and systems, customer relationship management, as well as internal and external communications systems.

Any one of these computing elements can be considered critical to operations and the management and maintenance of these systems is paramount in creating an effective and durable organization.

ActivWare™, a network-based, software-defined visualization and collaboration platform is similarly considered a critical resource to organizations that value intuitive, performing and robust access to video and graphics information in support of a clear common operating picture and effortless collaboration among system users.


IT Friendly

IT management has turned to virtualization to mitigate the complexity and cost of ensuring that their core systems are supportable, scalable, and performing appropriately while saving on power and equipment costs. Virtualized systems provide more efficient utilization of existing hardware, maintain uptime through convenient synchronization, backup and system migration tools, and are by their very nature robust and fault tolerant; virtual machine instances are abstracted from specific hardware dependencies and can be migrated from hardware system to system with relative speed and ease, ensuring availability of critical resources.


Standard Operating Environment

Based on standard operating system software and beginning with ActivWare v5.3, our systems can readily be deployed into a virtual environment, such as VMWare vSphere. Core ActivWare management components; Activu System Manager (ASM), Activu Interface Server (AIS), Activu Mobile Access Server (MAS), Activu Mobile Content Server (MCS), and Activu Monitoring Server (AMS) can all be deployed into a virtual environment without issue. Even screen capture through the Activu Agent (AA) and control of the system through the Activu Access Point (AP) is supported in a virtualized desktop environment, typically accessible over the network over a thin-client display device, and can be conveniently accessed anywhere Activu Access Point software is installed. The only element that cannot typically be virtualized is the Activu Display Server, which requires a physical connection to a display or displays.


Scalable, Resilient, Supportable

Within a virtualized environment, Activu servers can be backed up quickly, migrated live to new hardware during a failover event all while maintaining continuous availability and control of ActivWare sources and displays. Agent-based sources can be provisioned and enabled quickly to support new applications or scale to support new operational requirements. Similarly, user desktops can be offered as a service (DaaS) according to real time needs, without the need to allocate hardware resources in advance – providing the flexibility to IT departments to manage capital expenses and support manpower requirements more effectively without affecting performance or service to users.

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