The Platform

The vis|ability platform

Software for Event-Driven,
Visual Intelligence

empowers operators & leadership to securely manage mission-critical operations in the control center & beyond

connects to your information environment & enables automated visualization, ensuring no critical event is missed.

Cameras & IOT Devices
Displays & Workstations

The Platform: Share

Effortlessly share some or all contents of the common operating picture. Whether the actual content is on a display, or virtually arranged in Spaces, it can be shared anywhere: from the video wall to other rooms, to other offices, or subject matter experts, and bidirectionally to and from authenticated mobile devices.

Using Spaces

Sharing & collaborating in mission-critical operations and across the enterprise is now seamless, instant, and easy. Vis|ability spaces keep the entire team, breakout group, management team, and organization in sync, transparently.

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