OSI OpenForum

When: May 13-16, 2018

Visit us at the OSI OpenForum, the OSI Worldwide User Conference 2018!

ARIA Resort and Conference Center, Las Vegas, NV


OSI OpenForum, OSI’s annual OpenForum conference, is an educational and networking experience specifically designed to empower OSI’s user community with the information to overcome the operational challenges they face. It also serves as an opportunity for users to become informed about OSI’s product roadmaps and forthcoming product enhancements, as well as new services and initiatives that may impact the maintenance and operation of OSI technology. Conference participants have the opportunity to learn about the various applications of OSI’s products in operational environments via firsthand accounts from peers, formal technical presentations, and informal discussions.


Making Information Visible: Activu provides individuals in mission-critical environments, such as operators in the energy control room, with the power to see, share and respond to critical events in real time with full situational understanding.  ActivWare, our enterprise software platform, allows users to view information from multiple sources across the network in real-time and quickly respond when an event occurs.


Won’t be at the show but want to learn more about Activu’s collaborative visualization and video wall solutions for electric utilities? Contact us or request a demo.