More than a video wall system, Activu’s visualization software provides situational awareness and collaboration to help public safety organizations to more effectively monitor and manage all aspects of an event. The system provides users with information where and when they need it, from the operations center video wall to decision makers at other locations and mobile personnel in the field.


Leveraging Existing Networks to Enable Situational Awareness in Mission-Critical Operations

ActivWare™, Activu’s visualization and collaboration software platform, harnesses the power of the network to securely provide access to mission critical data. Our highly encrypted IP network-based systems integrate seamlessly with existing networks, safely enabling the easy distribution and visualization of information across the organization and beyond. Operational information from computer-aided dispatch systems, maps, weather reports and news, can be shared across the network, and displayed anywhere, on a video wall, a workstation, a remote laptop or mobile device in the field.


Enabling Teamwork and Collaboration Beyond the Control Room

Sharing a common operating picture is necessary to coordinate the responses of multiple agencies to an event. Activu’s peer-to-peer and site-to-site information sharing and real-time collaboration software allows emergency operations centers, police, EMS and other government agencies to share information across their organizations and beyond, improve team collaboration, facilitate informed multi-agency decision making and ensure the most appropriate coordinated response.


The Power of Activu Extended into the Field: Mobility

Activu Mobility allows users to connect wirelessly and securely from the field, using their smartphone or tablet. First responders in the field can capture and instantly send photos and video from their Android or iOS smartphones or tablets back to the control room or elsewhere, for display, analysis and archiving. They are also able to remotely view control room visualization using their mobile devices. Operators and decision makers in the field are able to gain the same level of awareness about a developing situation as their colleagues in the control room. As a result, operators and decision makers inside and outside of the control room can gain the same level of access.


Activu’s Public Safety Customers

Here are just a few of Activu’s customers in this market:


  • 911 Dispatch Centers / Emergency Services
    • D.C. Metro Police
    • Dominican Republic 911 Center
    • Dubai Police Headquarters
    • Jordanian Police Department
    • New York Fire Department
    • New York Police Department
    • Orange County 911 Center (NY)
    • South Carolina Law Enforcement
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • California Department of Corrections
  • Emergency Management Agencies / Emergency Operations Centers
    • Cities
      • Arlington, TX
      • Boston, MA
      • Braintree, MA
      • Brookline, MA
      • Cambridge, MA
      • Chelsea, MA
      • Everett, MA
      • Jersey City, NJ
      • Newark, NJ
      • Ontario, Canada
      • Philadelphia, PA
      • Quincy, MA
      • Revere, MA
      • Somerville, MA
      • Washington, DC
      • Winthrop, MA
    • Counties
      • Bergen County, NJ
      • Cabarrus County, NC
      • Essex County, NJ
      • Genesee County, NY
      • Maricopa County, AZ
      • Middlesex County, NJ
      • Montgomery County, MD
      • Morris County, NJ
      • Passaic County, NJ
      • Prince George’s County, MD
    • Other
      • Port of Long Beach
    • State
      • Idaho
      • Illinois
      • North Carolina
  • Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center
  • Majadahonda City Hall (Spain)
  • Pozuelo City Hall (Spain)


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“Disasters can happen any time, so your system must be extremely fluid to respond appropriately. Activu is a must have for all emergency operations centers. ~Arlington Emergency Operations Center”

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