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A secure physical and network infrastructure is essential to an organization’s security and stability. The increasing regularity and complexity of threats can present considerable security challenges to an organization.  More than a video wall system, Activu delivers scalable, network-based visualization solutions that provide situational awareness and collaboration for military, public agencies and private sector organizations concerned with protecting physical and network security from growing outside threats.


Leveraging Existing Networks to Enhance Information Awareness

ActivWare™, Activu’s visualization and collaboration software platform, harnesses the power of the network to securely provide access to mission critical data. Our highly encrypted IP network-based systems integrate seamlessly with existing networks, safely enabling the easy distribution and visualization of information. This information can be shared across the network and displayed on any type of device, from a display wall to a operator workstation, laptop or mobile device in the field. Security operation centers (SOCs) and network operations centers (NOCs) effectively share mission-critical information within a secure network environment to gain situational awareness and minimize threats.


Real-Time Awareness with Event-Driven Visualization

As technology evolves, and more information becomes available, decision makers will need to sift through ever increasing amounts of information. In order to help SOCs, NOCs and CSOCs quickly identify the information they need to mitigate risks, Activu can integrate with existing client monitoring and analytical software to provide event-driven visualization. When an event meets select parameters that have been denoted as a threat, visual information concerning the triggering event is automatically brought to a user’s attention, providing actionable intelligence.

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“The Activu solution has removed many of the obstacles that previously hindered efficient, real-time response.”