More than a video wall system, Activu’s scalable, network-based visualization software provides situational awareness and collaboration to assist airports in more effectively monitoring and managing all aspects of airport operations. Our highly encrypted, tailored software systems enable the easy distribution and visualization of critical information across the organization, from the control room video wall and desktop operators to remote operations centers and response personnel.


Leveraging Existing Networks to Enhance Operations

ActivWare™, Activu’s visualization and collaboration software platform, harnesses the power of the network to securely provide access to mission critical data. Our highly encrypted IP network-based systems integrate seamlessly with existing networks, safely enabling the easy distribution and visualization of information from the command center video wall to operator desktops, remote laptops and mobile devices.


Real-Time Situational Awareness with Event-Driven Visualization

As technology evolves, and more information becomes available, decision makers need to sift through ever increasing amounts of data. To help airports quickly identify the information they need to efficiently run their operations, Activu has worked with third-party vendors to provide event-driven visualization. When an event meets certain parameters, visual information concerning the triggering event is automatically displayed, enabling faster and better decision-making.


The Power of Activu Extended into the Field – Mobility

Activu Mobility allows users to connect wirelessly and securely from the field, using their smartphone or tablet. Field personnel can capture and instantly send photos and video from their Android or iOS smartphones or tablets back to the control room or elsewhere, for display, analysis and archiving and also remotely view control room visualization using mobile devices. As a result, operators and decision makers inside and outside of the control room can gain the same level of situational awareness.


Enabling Teamwork Beyond the Control Room

Sharing a common operating picture is necessary to maintain security, ensure business continuity and protect critical assets. Activu’s peer-to-peer and site-to-site information sharing and real-time collaboration software allows airports to share information with other agencies, improve team collaboration and facilitate informed decision making.


Activu’s Airport Customers

Here are some of Activu’s airport customers:

  • American Airlines
  • Midway Airport
  • Tampa International Airport
  • Toronto International Airport
  • Tucson International Airport


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“The biggest technology value we see is the fact that we can collaborate and share content…because the system is IP-based, we can easily view any source connected to the network. This give us incredible flexibility.”

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