• The vis|ability platform enables users to communicate, control, and display critical visual information automatically throughout an organization, to control room video walls, operator desktops, conference and meeting room displays, and mobile users.

    Even with sophisticated visualization tools like the vis|ability platform and large scale video walls, many organizations gather and manage such enormous volumes of data, that continuously monitoring all relevant information is simply not possible. Control room operators are often challenged to recognize developing incidents, such as events that might arise from information presented by multiple independent software applications or infrequently enough to be ignored. This challenge cre- ates less efficient operations and the potential to miss critical events, causing operational disruption and poor decision-making.

  • To answer this challenge, Activu has developed vis|ability Link : software middle-ware that tightly integrates the vis|ability platform to customer information systems, prioritizing and automating the visualization of events, guaranteeing operator recognition and enabling more efficient responses to potential threats to operations. For example, a traffic center or police agency could automatically display a set of camera feeds in response to
    an anomalous traffic event from a traffic data service like Waze.

    Vis|ability Link provides the tools to configure visualization in response to virtually any type of event. Link processes information from one or more of a customer’s software applications, such as Riverbed®, ServiceNow®, or OSIsoft’s PI System™, and then uses that information to determine when, where, and to whom, to send relevant visual information.