The customer, one of the nine independent system operators (ISOs), in North America, was upgrading their control room technologies. Their task – update the ISO’s existing mapboard, secure the grid, incorporate new technologies into their existing systems, plan for future, unknown technology and make the market for wholesale electricity.


Realizing that they needed to be able to see share and respond to critical events in real-time, the ISO chose Activu’s software-based system to help them monitor critical operations and improve incident response and decision making.


The ISO has a complete view of their operations. Information can be viewed and shared anywhere, ranging from individual tablets and operator desktops to the ISO’s control center video wall and monitors in the control rooms of any of the 20 energy companies that purchase electricity from the ISO. Activu’s software is fully integrated with OSIsoft® PI System™ so operators are automatically alerted when an alarm event or unexpected change occurs.