The Platform

The vis|ability platform

Software for Event-Driven
Visual Intelligence

empowers operators & leadership to securely manage mission-critical operations in the control center & beyond

connects to your information environment & enables automated visualization, ensuring no critical event is missed.

Cameras & IOT Devices
Displays & Workstations

The Platform: See

Easily introduce and manipulate content Sources in the control room, to assemble a common operating picture that can be displayed on video walls, desktops, conference room displays, mobile devices, and more.

Any type and number of Sources are available over the network: enterprise applications, video, actual or virtual computer screens, web sources, mobile devices, or local applications.


vis|ability Desktop is the platform's graphic user interface application for PCs and workstations.

vis|ability on the Desktop

vis|ability's graphic user interface is refined and powerful

Using Sources & Displays

Using content and adding it to video walls and other displays has never been easier! Real-time previews of content on the display as you work, as well as grids, templates, saved layouts, and more make this the most friendly and powerful visual collaboration software ever.

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