Check of the current issue of C4ISR & Networks – An Activu-powered video wall is prominently featured on the cover. The cover accompanies the article “Air Force Cyber Shitfs to Mission Assurance,” which discusses the missions, goals and challenges of the 24th Air Force, an operational war fighting organization that establishes, operates, maintains and defends Air Force networks.

For this article, C4ISR & Networks sat down with Major General James ‘Kevin’ McLaughlin, Commander of The 24th Air Force and Air Forces Cyber. In a detailed, one-on-one interview, McLaughlin discussed the 24th Air Force’s mission, goals and challenges, as well as its relationships with Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and other agencies. McLaughlin touched on the shift in focus from a network assurance mindset to a mission-assurance mindset, focusing on the key cyber terrain necessary for mission success. He addressed questions on budget concerns affecting the 24th Air Force and its relationship with various other cyber commands (including U.S. Cyber Command). The article closes out with McLaughlin’s thoughts on the biggest challenges currently facing the 24th Air Force, future plans for the organization and additional thoughts he wanted to share.