How Marietta Power Runs Its Control Room

9 June 2015

You don’t have to be big to provide great service. At least that’s the case at Marietta Power, a municipal utility that has, for three consecutive multi-year series, won the American Public Power Association’s prestigious RP3® award (for Reliable Public Power Provider).

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NYISO Unveils New Control Center (Transmission & Distribution World)

7 November 2014

In the new advanced power control center the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) has constructed, operators work around the clock in 12-hour shifts to monitor and balance the supply and demand for power throughout the state of New York. At the heart of the new control room is an Activu-powered video wall - the largest video wall installation in the North American utility industry.

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Activu-powered Video Wall System Featured in Canadian Security Magazine

18 August 2014

An Activu-powered video wall system is featured in Canadian Security magazine. The article discusses the new Integrated Operations Control Center (IOCC) at Toronto Pearson International Airport, part of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). As part of its commitment to providing best-in-class operations of safety and security, the airport recently selected Activu’s fully integrated, turnkey visualization and collaboration solution for its new IOCC.

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Beyond Situational Awareness: Getting to the Complete Picture (At the Ready Magazine)

29 August 2013

It seems like the buzzword “Situational Awareness” is everywhere. We hear it in the Military, the Intelligence Community, by First Responders’ in ICCs; we even hear it from our political leaders. So if everyone is “aware” of what’s going on during an incident, why does it take us so long to fix things? Because Situational Awareness is only the first of four levels of addressing a crisis situation...

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High-Definition Video over IP: Enhancing Visual Information for Improved Traffic Flow and Incident Response

8 May 2012

Modern Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) are typically using HD IP video cameras for incident management and adaptive signal control. Incident command systems are used primarily to detect a traffic incident, verify and assess the problem, and respond to the incident. The response can include notifying designated authorities by phone or email, securing emergency personnel or simply relaying that information to appropriate organizations. Adaptive signal control systems utilize video cameras to detect the critical details that enable operators to react quickly to road conditions. Recently, Activu spoke with Cohu Electronics to better understand how IP video is being used in TMCs and how the latest advances in High-Definition (HD) IP video are enhancing these systems.

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