While Activu is not mentioned by name in this news story, Activu did build the software and hardware that keeps Caltrans District 3 so informed and proactive. The fact that our name isn’t mentioned reinforces that it’s Activu’s transparent impact on the ground for millions of people that’s most important, inside operations centers that matter.

Every Caltrans regional district has its own traffic management center. None of those TMCs, however, is quite like District 3’s.

Its Rancho Cordova building is bedecked with high-tech.

“We want everyone to have what we have, because then everything will get better, Manager Brian Alconcel said near the end of a two-hour tour of the facility last month.

What District 3’s TMC has is a recently upgraded video wall that gives Caltrans operators and dispatchers – and their California Highway Patrol “room” mates – fast access to vast troves of information. When a traffic incident occurs, the center can pounce. At the touch of a button, dispatchers, operators and managers can fill the wall with live video images from and near that incident.