Activu, a pioneer in networked visualization systems for control room environments, has built a seasoned team of Design Engineers with broad experience with enterprise networks, video walls, collaboration, audio, control systems, and mobile device integration.

Activu offers consultation and design services that result in solutions that perfectly meet our customers operational objectives, ensuring optimized situational awareness and maximum internal adoption of newly introduced technologies. We integrate leading brand audio-visual, computing and networking technologies into our designs. We provide our specialized Design Services to consulting, architectural and engineering firms and to end user customers.


Industry Experience

Activu’s Design Team has extensive experience designing mission critical control room visualization solutions for various markets, including utilities and energy markets, transportation and transit, defense, Homeland Security and public safety, along with network operations and physical and cybersecurity centers for private and public sector clients in the US and internationally. Our team has extensive industry certifications and government clearances and is specialized in designing solutions for multi-class network environments.


Activu Difference: Focus on the Operational Needs with IP-Networked Based Solutions

Our focus goes far beyond the physical video wall to how our customers access, view and collaboratively share actionable information within the control room and beyond in order to optimize decision making. Activu takes the time to understand the current and future operational processes and needs of the customer. Specifying the right technologies and products for a control room is more than measuring space and designing a video wall. Important operational criteria need to be explored for example:

  • What happens in an emergency situation and how should visual information be presented in the control room and if necessary be shared back and forth with other locations and mobile personnel?
  • What information is needed: applications, visual sources (cameras, internet, mobile devices, etc.)?
  • Can technologies be integrated to provide a more seamless experience to improve operational efficiency?

These are just a few of the criteria that the Activu’s Design Engineering team uses in selecting, specifying and designing solutions. Activu has designed the most control room video wall systems of any organization in the United States over the past twenty years. Our focus on understanding and meeting client operational objectives is what really differentiates us, and our approach to control room visualization systems design.


Reference Tools


Design Guidelines

Activu has Design Guidelines documentation that introduces the concept of a networked and software based visualization system design for the control room and beyond. It describes the differences between old legacy Audio Visual designs and the new standards for visualization system in control room environments.


Sample Visualization System Specification in CSI Format

Activu has a sample specification using the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) standard format that can be used as the foundation for constructing a visualization system specification. This provides a head start on constructing a requirements specification that can used for RFP’s, RFI’s, and sole source situations. Activu also offers Video wall displays, Multi monitor system and Video wall processor.

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