Activu Releases Splunk Plugin for vis|ability

Activu’s vis|ability Platform improves situational awareness for Splunk customers.

Rockaway, NJ (June 17, 2021) – Activu today announced its vis|ability platform now integrates with Splunk. The vis|ability Splunk plugin empowers business-critical teams and stakeholders to identify and resolve incidents faster, with less disruption to business functions, and is one of a growing roster of IT and Cyber Operations monitoring platforms for which Activu is enabling Event-Driven Visual Intelligence.

Leading IT and Cyber teams use Activu’s vis|ability Platform to separate signal from noise while automatically raising awareness across the organization. Within the vis|ability Splunk plugin, users set conditions for any important alerts deemed critical to the organization. When triggered, vis|ability automatically assembles relevant sources–like dashboards, urls, IP cameras–and pushes them to incident response teams on their desktops, mobile devices, or SOC displays.

“As we continue to build Activu’s plugin library for vis|ability, Splunk is an obvious integration where subject matter experts and decision-makers across an organization can benefit from Event-Driven Visual Intelligence” said John Alfieri, COO at Activu. He added “Splunk’s powerful insights gain significance, relevance, and context when paired with visual intelligence that is distributed instantly to appropriate elements within the business. In vis|ability, functionality like screen-shares, web dashboards, applications, and more are tailored to users and combined with Splunk insights in unified, sharable, cloud-based dashboards.”

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