Activu Announces vis|ability, the New-Generation Platform for Intelligent Visual Context in Enterprise Mission-Critical Operations

Activu's new Platform brings simplicity and seamless shareability to mission-critical teams, with or without a control room video wall.

Rockaway, NJ (July 22, 2019) – Today, Activu® announces the availability of its new-generation vis|ability Platform: secure, intelligent visual collaboration for control rooms, command centers, and across enterprises. Vis/ability empowers users through its intuitive interface for content-sharing, providing a common operating picture on any networked device in an organization–from video walls to PCs to smartphones. The vis|ability Platform delivers unique functionality to improve incident response and increase operational efficiency within mission-critical environments. The vis|ability Platform consists of several new features:

Vis/ability Spaces
Vis/ability Spaces provides users the ability to aggregate and organize varying types of information and visual content into a real-time, secure, common view, accessable by individuals and workgroups on any networked device or screen. Spaces enables this common operating picture to be shared across an organization’s network, empowering teams with unrivaled situational awareness and a broad range of collaborative tools. Security of sensitive content is ensured via Active Directory authentication and permissioning, while helpful widgets ensure content is organized and in-context for all team members.

Vis/ability Share
The Vis/ability Share feature allows any user to intuitively and instantly share application windows with other team members and screens. Integrated messaging and whiteboarding promote a focused collaborative work experience.

Vis/ability Link
Vis/ability Link enables users to automate event-driven visual awareness and alerts by integrating with an organization’s existing information ecosystem. Link combines the fluid shareability of real-time visual content in vis|ability with customizable event-aware actions that ensure teams are always synchronized around the most critically-important information, for a faster and more focused response.

Vis/ability Mobile
The vis|ability mobile app enables remote live HD video streaming from smartphones and tablets to any device, control room, or user on the network, while also allowing team members in the field to view real-time content from any source available in the organization’s network.

John Stark, Vice President of Product Management at Activu, added, “Our entire purpose is to deliver true operational value to our control room customers and throughout an organization. With vis|ability we are adding more functionality, more performance, and exceptional ease of use.” Stark continued, “Driving video walls is just a small part of what we offer. As an example, Spaces empower our clients to stay connected in a live, context-specific, shared interface, within the control room, across the enterprise and in the field.”

Activu previewed the vis|ability Platform at the Control Center Summit in Philadelphia on July 16th, and presented as part of the event program. Activu speaking topics included “Automated Event Visualization for Focused Operations” and “Control Rooms and the Rise of the Smart City.”

Visit Activu’s website to learn more and set up a demonstration.

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Director of Marketing
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