Display walls in a control room environment are a critical resource, providing a shared common operating picture helping ensure that collaborative decisions are made quickly and accurately.

Losing this important asset during normal operations can impact the ability of the organization to effectively operate, and more importantly, losing this resource during a time of crisis can lead to critically important decisions being delayed, or worse, decisions being made based on incomplete or inaccurate information. Organizations such as public utilities, emergency operations, and military operations rely on continuous access to visual information and cannot afford to lose critical visibility during a crisis.


Activu Failsafe Solutions

Activu has developed a continuum of resiliency and failover product elements that mitigate the risk of system failure and loss of critical visualization functionality in an Activu control room. Each element provides a certain level of risk mitigation, and when combined together, Activu failsafe solutions provide complete redundancy with seamless automated failover, ensuring continuous operation of your Activu system and display wall.




24/7 Hardened Components

At the server level, Activu employs state-of-the-art systems from Hewlett- Packard and Dell , which offer high availability features such as hot-swappable and redundant power supplies and fans and RAID hard drive configurations that provide single server-level redundancy for server elements most susceptible to failure.


Continuous Monitoring, Automatic Failover

To maintain continuous visibility of content on your display wall, Activu’s unique architecture, when coupled with duplicate Activu display servers, provides a completely fl uid experience when the system switches between the primary and backup display server systems. Content is continuously synchronized between systems such that operators may not even notice that the Activu system has determined that a failure event has occurred and switched to the backup. It is automatic and happens within the blink of an eye. All content is synchronized: streaming video, applications, widgets, direct inputs and network inputs (Activu Agents) so when the switch occurs the backup display server (or servers, if it is a large wall driven by multiple servers) is showing the identical content.




Data Integrity

And to ensure resiliency, Activu has developed a unique clustering architecture for its database and management server, ensuring complete availability of the Activu Management Server. This unique solution uses Microsoft Failover Clustering, a technology typcially employed in highly available environments, such as for cloud services, online commerce and commodity trading and is now used by Activu to ensure that its system remains up, data consistency is maintained, and there is no costly disruption in control room operations.


Activu System Integration Expertise

Regardless of how well-designed the system architecture is, if the right skills are not employed during system design, staging, deployment and final configuration, a system will not operate optimally over the long term. Network setup and provisioning, rack builds for airflow and ease of maintenance, and system configurations setup for optimal performance are some of the skills that Activu has developed over hundreds of installations, across many vertical markets. In developing ActivWare™, our own software architecture, and then deploying what we have developed, Activu personnel have the deepest insight and access to any resource – from project manager to software architect, and as a result are perfectly positioned to ensure the highest performance and reliability to our customers; we know what it takes.

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