Project Planning and Management

Activu understands the importance of effective project management.  Our track record as the largest integrator of video walls in North America says it all.  Our project managers, who all have at least a decade of experience, understand how to plan, manage and control all the critical tasks and deliverables that are necessary for a successful installation.

Activu project managers are assigned to the customer’s project during the system design phase and oversee all phases of the project, from initiation and planning through execution, monitoring, closing and transition to support services.  Using processes and practices developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), our project managers tailor their approach to suit the individual customer and project, always with an eye on meeting established scheduling, quality and budgetary commitments.

Whether Activu is a subcontractor handling the video wall installation or a prime contractor responsible for all aspects of a project (power, lighting, HVAC, etc.), our project managers have the resources and knowledge to lead everyone involved.


Factory build and testing

Prior to installation, all new systems are built in-house at Activu’s headquarters.  The systems are pre-assembled, configured, programmed and tested, thereby reducing the time spent on-site and minimizing operational disruptions during the installation.  In addition, all systems are subject to a rigorous Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) that customer representatives are encouraged to attend.


System Installation

Activu’s installation service team provides complete turn-key installations in secure and non-secure locations around the world.  System installation is multi-stage and covers all aspects from beginning to end.  During the initial phase of the installation, Activu delivers and install all video wall components, wiring and cabling.  This is then followed by the installation of the processing equipment and on-site testing in a “local” environment to verify the system is operational.


System Integration

Once on-site installation is completed, Activu begins the process of seamlessly integrating the Activu system with the customer’s existing network environment.  System integration services are provided directly by Activu employees who have extensive training and deep levels of experience.  They are specialists in integrating new systems and video display into existing operating environments.

This phase of the installation includes adding servers to the network, adding data sources to the Activu system, and completing any custom configuration and programming that is needed to meet each customer’s specific operational requirements. Customer operations remain running while this transition from the legacy equipment to the new Activu solution occurs.


Training and Client Acceptance

After installation and integration services are completed, Activu will perform a formal System Acceptance Test (SAT) on the system to ensure that it meets all the design specifications and customer requirements.  At this point, Activu will also provide the customer with all of the agreed-to documentation and drawings.

As the final stage of the project, Activu provides training that allows customers to proficiently manage their system.  Training can be on-site, off-site at Activu’s offices or online. Our trainers can cover a broad range of instruction for operators and systems administrators. Courses are customized to suit specific operational needs and participants are provided with comprehensive training.

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