Achieving your operational objectives through superior situational awareness requires experience and foresight. Embrace advanced collaborative visualization technologies to transform how you
handle workflow and critical situations in the operations center and beyond.


Operational Challenges

The amount of data available to stakeholders when they need to make business decisions is endless, as are the ways to view and digest that information. Where that data lives has changed as well; relevant information is not always available on someone’s desktop, nor is that person available to share it. The information required to make solid decisions comes from many places on an organization’s network. The ability to instantly access the information and share with anyone anywhere securely is key to making informed decisions.


Solutions Engineering for Operational Requirements

Activu brings together world class talent combined with best practices, industry expertise and proven technologies to create high-value solutions aimed at helping customers meet their mission critical needs. Our professionals are here to help customers get the most out of their control room visualization and collaboration solutions. They are there every step of the way, from assessing the customer’s environment and long-term objectives to designing and implementing a custom solution complete with hands-on training.


Consulting Services

  • Maximizing customers’ investments in control room visualization software
  • Workflow analysis (GAP analysis)
  • Workflow studies
  • Business process integration
  • Media infrastructure consulting
  • Customized training programs
  • Development of additional software capabilities and integration interfaces with other enterprise software
  • Implementation strategies
  • Infrastructure strategies


Ask an Expert

Activu’s full services portfolio combines traditional control room and advanced collaboration consulting services with knowledge-based services such as workflow analysis, GAP studies, and infrastructure design. This enables us to provide integrated solutions that help customers quickly recognize value by increasing business agility and bridging the gap between operational workflow with advanced collaboration software designed to allow visualization of large amounts of live information. The seamlessness of our engagements makes Activu an excellent partner to companies looking for an integrated approach to data visualization and advanced collaboration.

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