Helping the U.S. Air Force Protect Against Cyber Attacks

A recent article from Fifth Domain, “Why You’ll hear About a ‘Cyber Carrier’ in 2018,” features the 624th Operations Center and its Activu-powered video wall.

In recent years, one of the top priorities of Cyber Command was building its 133 cyber mission force teams (which includes the 624th Operations Center and its Activu-powered video wall) made up of roughly 6,200 personnel from the four services. All of those teams are expected to reach full operational capability by next year. As Cyber Command looks to 2018, they will look beyond manning teams and instead focus on how to equip them. Cyber Command will need to tie together its command and control and battle management capabilities, a tool Cyber Command has referred to as the unified platform. The unified platform, he said, can be thought of as the cyber equivalent of a carrier from which to launch cyber operations and ISR.

To read the full article, visit the Fifth Domain website.


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