Activu Open House: The Latest Information Sharing, Collaboration and Video Wall Technology

Join us June 28-30 to learn about the latest information sharing and collaboration technology to enhance your control room operations while viewing demonstrations of the latest LCD and LED display technologies.


Technology that Enhances Information Sharing and Collaboration Inside of (and Beyond) the Control Room

For more than 15 years, Activu’s enterprise software for managing information (data, video, images and audio) in control room environments has been improving efficiency and simplifying tasks for control room operators. Learn how Activu delivers the critical information that decision makers need by getting the right information to the right people wherever they are.

Visit our offices June 28-30 and see our experts demonstrate Activu’s comprehensive, simple-to-use tools that allow operators to easily share and place information between any networked display; whether it is a video wall, desktop, conference room display, or mobile device. At the same time, be among the first to preview our newest desktop collaboration product.


Display Technologies for Every Operational Requirement

Join us and get a first-hand look at the latest LED and LCD displays available.


New Technology with Minimal Disruption: Easily Upgrade your Display Wall to LED Technology

The emergence of LED light sources has changed the world of rear projection display wall products. The longevity, stability and wide range color reproduction that LED can now provide is something that many control room managers plan for when updating their display wall systems.

Mitsubishi now offers its legacy customers a simple and easy option to take advantage of this new LED technology. Join us during one of our open house sessions, June 28-30, to learn how the Mitsubishi LED upgrade engine kit can give owners of Mitsubishi Electric legacy lamp-based display wall an easy upgrade path to update and modernize their display walls.


A Superior Visual Experience for Your Control Room Operations

Direct view LED video wall displays are the next generation of large format displays that feature incredible image quality in a seamless, bezel free design. The seamless design adapts to nearly any size area and configuration. Stop by Activu’s open house, June 28-30, to experience the new technology first-hand and learn how it can be used in the control room.


Large Format, Space-Saving Displays for the Control Room

Based on the same unique LED light source technology of traditional large format displays, the new video wall slim cube offers significant economies in both space requirements and cost of ownership. Visit us at our open house, June 28-30, to learn how your control room can take advantage of these new video wall displays.


Interested in attending one of our open house sessions?  Contact Avery at 973-343-4920.